Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[News] [Android] Google Play Store has new interface!

As of today 13th August 2014, Google has lifted up its Google Play Store interface.

Some changes that is noticeable are:
  • Every apps and games now has "cover" on top of the app description/download page. It can be either cover image or video.
  • All the details of number of download, ratings, app genre, and find similar app is now shown using big colorful icons.

Here is the screenshots taken as of today (13th August 2014) versus yesterday (12th August 2014):



This changes can be seen, however, only on your Android devices. If you open the Google Play Store on the browser of your computer, it still shows the same as the yesterday version (at least for today - don't know if tomorrow Google will also replace the view)

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