Monday, August 11, 2014

[FREE APP] [Android] FlipBoard: Your News Magazine

Today FREE APP is FlipBoard: Your News Magazine.

FlipBoard lets you see any type of news from virtually any sources in the form of e-magazine. Be it a news from newspaper/magazine corporation, or from websites or forum such as Engadget, tech crunch, or even from your own social feeds such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
You can even give Like if it's a Facebook post, give Favorite if it's a tweet and so on. So you won't need to switch app to see various feeds.

This super cool app groups the news into categories, from politics to entertainment, from gadgets and games to travel and holiday.

And while you flip the emagazine, FlipBoard also gives you suggestion to any related topic (or even sometimes unrelated topics) from other magazines created by others.
So you will not end up reading nothing, because it has a lot, I really mean a lot, to read.

What's even more cooler?
You can create and publish your own FlipBoard magazine to the world!
And since FlipBoard lets you connect to your social media accounts, search the web for anything related, you can also add your own contents, be it a post from your Facebook pages, or your tweet or your blog -  to your own magazines.

So if you are creative enough, you can actually publish your own contents in your own magazines and let the rest of the world see your creation.

If you are looking for almost endless information from the web from within 1 app - no need to open many browser tabs, no need to install so many apps - and not to mention everything is FREE to read, this app is for you.

Current version varies between devices.
FlipBoard does not have any in-app purchases, so everything is FREE.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

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