Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[FREE APP] [Android] IFTTT - Put The Internet Work for You

Today FREE APP is IFTTT - Put the Internet Work for You.

For you who haven't knew yet what is IFTTT, it's short for If This Then That. 
This app, as per name say, is for giving in certain condition to get certain output/result.

"Put the Internet work for you", that's the app tag line, so this app is actually to give in certain condition to the Internet and get the desired output/result.

Some samples of useful "recipes" - that's how IFTTT call "put the Internet work for you" - is like below:
  • Send email to my wife when I'm reaching home
  • Send notification when it's raining outside
  • Turn on my lights at home when I'm reaching home
  • Send email if somebody tags you in their Facebook photo
  • and many other recipes

Looks cool aren't they?
Indeed they are!

And how's that work?
You just need to have your iphone/iOS devices, installed with IFTTT, then download or even create your own recipes and turn the recipes on.
Technically, IFTTT will collaborate with your iOS device and apps installed to it such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and even your location to know your location (if you are using location-based recipes), and send/use it with their "magic".
Don't worry, everything personal such as your email or facebook account are only used based on your permission.
As for those recipes that able to turn on your lights at home or doing something outside your iphone, IFTTT requires the hardware to be installed and the hardware must be in the IFTTT hardware support list such as Phillips hue lamps for turning on lights using recipe.

Personally, I'm using:
  • send notification when it's raining outside. Because sometimes I work inside the building where the window is quite far for me to see the outside world, so by having this recipe I will know if outside is raining then I need to bring umbrella 
  • send email to my wife when I'm reaching home. So that she can prepare the dinner and everything else

It's FREE and it's worth to try and experiment.

Current version 1.1.1 requires Android 4.0 (ICS) and up.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

FYI. You can also share your own created recipes and let other's use it for their own good. And if your recipes is good enough (based on how many users have used it) you can be at their Top-100 recipes chart.

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