Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[FREE APP] [Android] CheapCast - Use Android Device as Chromecast Alternative

Today FREE APP is CheapCast.

CheapCast main purpose is to use your Android devices as Chromecast alternative.

For those who haven't know yet what is Chromecast, Chromecast is a HDMI-stick, made by Google, as a solution for you to display you app content from your phone/tablet to your TV or anything with HDMI connector wirelessly. So for example: instead of watching YouTube videos from your phone small screen, with Chromecast, you can have the video showed in your TV wirelessly.

Chromecast itself is cheap, pricing at $35.

However, if you have old Android phone / tablet with HDMI out feature, why not use it as Chromecast alternative, rather than spend another $35 for it?

And this app is intended for that purpose. With some limitation here and there, Cheapcast is able to cast contents from YouTube and other apps that supports Chromecast.

Unfortunately, at the time this post is made, Cheapcast is no longer exist to be downloaded from Google Play, because the reason that Google updating the Chromecast to have crytographic checks so that the cast only works with official or approved devices.
And because of that reason too, many of the apps that support Chromecast, is now no longer able to be played with Cheapcast. One of the few applications that is still able to be played with Cheapcast is YouTube.

However, you can still download it via third party website, such as XDA forum.

Here is the link to XDA forum:

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