Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[FREE APP] [Android] Nanu - Free calls for everyone

Today FREE APP is Nanu - Free calls for everyone.

Have you ever used or at least knew Skype, Viber, or Facetime?
They are all FREE app and can also make free calls for everyone, but the FREE version of them, without paying anything at all, is to call someone on the same platform.

So what's the difference between all those apps and Nanu?

Here are the difference that the company or developer tells:
  • it works even on 2G networks. Skype, Viber and Facetime, they are all need at least 3G connection to make a phone call, but Nanu has made a breakthrough enabling call using 2G networks
  • call for free from nanu to other nanu users. Same features that everyone else have
  • call for free from nanu to landline / mobile. This is awesome feature!
So you now know the differences between nanu and the rest, and now wondering how are they actually doing it? That's too good to be true!

Well, for how to make phone calls via 2G networks, I don't really know how they are doing it, but how to make free calls from Nanu to landlines / mobiles is because they are using and playing ads when you make a phone calls. While waiting for you call to be pickup, you will hear advertisement running using a voice and in a loop. Once the call is connected, the ads will stop.

It's really a smart way and it's win-win solution for Nanu and us. Because by playing ads, the call costs to landlines / mobiles is "subsidized".

Current version requires Android 2.2 (FroYo) and up, that means pretty much Android devices from 2010 onwards should be able to install and use this app.

Here is the Android Google Play Store download link:

Unfortunately, this app does not work on my Nexus 7 2012 version, may be that's because this app is for phone-enabled devices. I'm going to try it with my another Android device later.

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