Friday, October 30, 2015

[FREE ANDROID GAME] Bike Unchained - Adventure Cycling Game with Real World Locations and Real World Championship Rider

Today FREE Android Game of the day is Bike Unchained.

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What is the game about?
Bike Unchained is an adventure cycling game with nice graphics and intuitive control.

Build Your Crew
First starting the game, you will be headed to the training. Follow the training to learn how to ride the bike in this game.

Once the training done, next is to get and build your crew. Get your first sponsor pack which includes your first bike and random biker.

Collect different riders with their different skills: tricks, speed, endurance, for different challenges to ensure the winning chance.

Worldwide locations
The game has about 60 tracks and 3 amazing real world locations, from Japan, the Alps and Whistler.

Online and Offline
The game can be played offline, although when first starting the game, you will need an internet connection.

Great graphics, great control and great gameplay. Having real world's top riders in the game, such as Brandon Semenuk, makes this game is a must to play for those who love riding. As a casual gamer, this game is also entertaining to play and have fun with.

Check here for the game trailer:

This game offers in-app purchases.
This game needs internet connection in order to play.

Current version 1.07 requires Android 4.0 (ICS) and up. Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) is supported.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

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