Sunday, October 25, 2015

[FREE ANDROID APP] Yahoo! Messenger Best Alternative App: IM+ (For Google Talk, AOL, ICQ and others also)

Looking for Yahoo! Messenger best alternative app that is also FREE?

No more updates for YM app from Yahoo!
As you probably notice and/or experience, Yahoo! is trying to switch its existing Yahoo! Messenger to a new service called Yahoo! LiveText, which is a new messaging service from Yahoo! that is not compatible with the old existing Yahoo! Messenger. And because of that reason, Yahoo is abandoning its existing Yahoo! Messenger app (no more updates since October 2014).

Best Alternative Yahoo Messenger is...
So if the existing Yahoo! Messenger app stops working for you, or doesn't work anymore as expected, here is the best alternative app for Yahoo! Messenger (after trying few apps - finally I decided): IM+ (read: IM Plus).

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Basic Features and Emoticon
IM+ app has all the basic features of a Yahoo! Messenger (or in short YM) service offer, from chatting (of course!), set and change status: online, busy, invisible and custom status.

It has emoticon as well! Although they don't look the same (read: less cute) as the one in real YM app

Multiple Account Online at the same time
Other than the basic features offered above, there is one advantages using IM+ app compared to the original YM app, that is the ability to online multiple YM account at the same time under 1 app. You can add as many YM account as you want.

Also if you have other messenger account, say: GTalk, Skype, AIM, you can also add under the same hood and online at the same time.

Not Everything is Perfect though
Well, not everything is perfect though, other than the basic feature and the advantages of having multiple account online at the same time, the grouping in IM+ unfortunately is different from the actual YM app, the grouping is based on account and offline contacts.

Say if you originally has 3 groups under your YM account, using IM+, you will see only 2 groups: who's online under your YM account and who's offline (combined from all your YM accounts).
Also the service will stop popping up notification and turn your account offline, after 2 hours of idle for not using the app.

The Finale
Given the imperfections, but with all the basic features served and ability to online multiple account (not only YM) at the same time, IM+ is still the best alternative app for Yahoo! Messenger out there. 

This app offers in-app purchases to remove ads and to enable other services.
This app needs internet connection in order to play.

Current version 6.6.5 requires Android 2.1 (Eclair) and up. Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is supported.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

Or scan below using your Android phones/tablets to get the download link:


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