Thursday, June 4, 2015

[FREE ANDROID APP] Crunch Gallery - Gain Extra Space by Crunching Photos and Videos

Today FREE APP is Crunch Gallery.

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Does your phone running out of space for whatever reasons?
But again for whatever reasons you don't want to delete your photos or videos collections that turn out eating most of your space?
Well, you may now have peace of mind, Crunch Gallery is the perfect app for you.

When opening the app first time, it will calculate all your photos and videos and show to you how much extra space you can have after crunching all the photos and videos.

In my case, I've got 1240 photos and 11 videos and Crunch Gallery reported to me that I can save as many as 1.5GB if I crunch them all.

Next step is that you need to select photos or videos. Or if you really want to select all of them, simply by pressing select max.

Crunch Gallery will crunch your selected photos and videos to smaller size while maintaining their quality to be the same as the originals. In the end, you will get extra space after the crunching and you will still have your photos and videos.

What's good is that after crunching the photos and videos, the app put back the crunched version photos and videos so you can access them from the photos app - just like usual.

In the end, the app will ask you whether you want to delete the original photos or videos or not.
Based on my trial on the iOS version, when prompted whether I want to delete the original files or not and choose not to delete, the app crashes. No big deal, since the main purpose of this app is to save space, then mostly choose to delete the original photos and videos files.

Current version requires Android 4.1 (JellyBean) and up.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

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