Monday, May 16, 2016

[FREE ANDROID APP] Gboard - Direct Search and Share from Your Keyboard - With Glide Typing - Keyboard Made by Google

Today FREE Android App of the day is Gboard.

What is this app about?
Gboard is the keyboard made by Google for iPhone. At the time this article is written, Gboard is not yet available for Android. While waiting Google to release Gboard for Android, let's see what are the features of Gboard for iPhone.

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Main Feature - Direct Search and Share
The main feature of this Google Keyboard is the ability to do Google search directly from any apps anywhere (as long as the apps/games popping up the keyboard) by tapping on the 'G' logo on top left of the keyboard.

Once the results come out, pick any of the relevant result then directly share to anyone directly from the keyboard.
And that's what I (and others called) shortcut.
Can you imagine before Gboard exists, if you want to share something from your search result, how many steps are there?
At least I count 3 'big' steps: 1) open the browser and Google, 2) search for the keyword, 3) once find, make sure to copy whatever you need to copy (url/image/text), then go back to your apps and paste the information you want to share.

Other Features
Apart from direct search and share, Gboard has plenty other amazing features such as swipe typing (Google called it Glide Typing - just like what Swype or SwiftKey can do),

search and send GIF images directly from the keyboard, search and send emoji (faster compare to open the emoji keyboard and find matching one by one).

Google Account
Unfortunately (or it's a fortune?) Gboard doesn't have any function to login to your Google ID. Which means (to me) all the words, sentences including any slank language I usually types are stay with one device only and can't be sync to any other devices. So the next time you upgrade your device/change to other device, your Gboard will be totally new again - unlike SwiftKey in which the app allows you to save all these things, so whenever you change device, you don't need to start brand new.

The Verdict
Gboard is AWESOME! With direct search and share, that makes life a lot easier. Plus with swipe typing makes Gboard is the best keyboard ever.
Unfortunately, at the moment I write this article, Gboard is only available for iOS devices. No Gboard for Android devices yet. Stay tuned, once Google release Gboard for Android, I will update it here.

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