Friday, February 12, 2016

[FREE ANDROID GAME] iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 - Must Play Vertical Shooter Game Which Brings You Back to World War 2

Today FREE Android Game of the day is iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942.

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What is this game about?
iFighter is an arcade vertical shoot-em-all type of game. If you ever play 1942 or 1945 game, then it's the same genre, except iFighter has better effects and graphics.

Gameplay and Objectives
Start the game by choosing one of the available planes (only standard one available during first play), choose also the wingman planes.

Choose the level difficulties: easy, normal, hard or survival.

The game itself is mission based. Each mission will have boss plane/ship to be defeated.

The objectives are simple: survive the missions and collect stars to purchase better jet planes.
You have 5 continues to be used.

The Control
Like all 1942 - 1945 games, navigate the plane by tap and drag the screen up, down, left and right.

3 kinds of weapons you can get during the play: M-type, W-type, T-type.
M-type is bullets will shoot straight and wide.
W-type is bullets will shoot just like 'W' character.
T-type is bullets will shoot just like 'T' character, to the front and side.
I, myself, prefer the T-type, so enemy planes coming from the side, can get eliminated easily.

Weaponry - Special
Other than the 3 kinds of weapons explained before, there are few types of special weaponry.
They can be activated by tapping on the left side of the screen. There are 3 buttons:
The upper button: will temporarily upgrade your M-type, W-type or T-type weapon to the max. Shoot more.
The middle button: will call help from mother ship.
The lower button: will enable shield.

The Verdict
iFighter is bringing me back memory from my childhood where I used to play this kind of genre game. With so much weaponry, upgrades and enemy planes to be defeated, sure this game is a must try.
The good thing is the game does not prompt ads and doesn't force you to buy their in-app purchases.

>> Current Version 2.12
>> Price FREE + in-App Purchase
>> Internet Connection required Yes but not mandatory
>> Requires Android 2.3 (GingerBread) or later.
>> Support Android 5.0 (Lollipop) & Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

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