Monday, December 21, 2015

[FREE ANDROID APP] Suitcase - Checklist All your Business or Holiday Trips Items and Belongings So You won't miss a thing!

Today FREE Android App of the day is Suitcase - Checklist.

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What is this app about?
Going for holiday or vacation this Christmas? Better get this Suitcases app, so you won't forget a single thing on your trips.

Packing Checklist
Suitcases app is all about checklist. When you open the app, it will prompt you

Create new suitcase for your next holiday/trips or use the existing template the app has.
If you create new suitcase, the app will prompt you with my list and main categories.
Tap left side of the screen if you want to see all your suitcases.
Tap right side of the screen if you want to check the categories and items.

Add item into the checklist
Pick from the predefined list from predefined categories or create your new item under predefined categories or even create new categories.

The app is so flexible so anything you have and to be packed, you can list them down here on the app.

Once complete, tap the 'add new list' to insert all the items you have picked and created to your new suitcase.

Tick whenever you have put the item in
Once you get all the list inside the app, the next thing you want to do is to put all the items into your bag or luggage.
Go back to main menu and tap left side of the screen.
Each and every items that you have put on your bag or luggage, you can tick them, so you know they have been put into the luggage. You can also switch view between all items or items that on the checklist but haven't been ticked.

The Verdict
Suitcases - like its name - does what it does, checklists all items you wish to bring on your trips so nothing gets left behind. The other great thing with this app is Suitcases is totally FREE without any in-app purchases.
The only drawback of this app is once you have added items to your new suitcase, you cannot update (adding new or removing things) the suitcase. You need to create a new suitcase if you forgot something or want to remove something from it.

>> Current Version 1.07
>> Price FREE
>> Internet Connection required No
>> Requires Android 2.3 (GingerBread) or later.
>> Support Android 5.0 (Lollipop) & Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

Or scan below using your Android phones/tablets to get the download link:


Or alternatively, click this link to download.

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