Thursday, January 15, 2015

[FREE APP] [Android] Google Translate Amazing New Features: Direct Voice Translation, Word Lens, Photo Translation

Today FREE APP is Google Translate.

As you already knew before, Google Translate is an app that help you to translate between 2 languages.

Now, after Google previously purchased the company that make the Word Lens app, Google is now coming with the update for its Google Translate app.

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The update brings these amazing new features:
1. Instant translation with Camera
2. Photo Translation
3. Direct Voice Translation

The first new feature is for sure coming from Word Lens app and is currently only can translate from and to these languages:
1. English <-> French
2. English <-> German
3. English <-> Italian
4. English <-> Portugese
5. English <-> Russian
6. English <-> Spanish
These instant translation, previously on Word Lens app was available as in-app purchases, now after bought and integrated by Google into Google Translate, this feature is available for FREE. Amazing Google!

The second new feature is photo translation. For now it supports 36 languages and will supports more in the future. To use this feature, you need to click on the camera icon for the app to start taking photo. Once the photo is taken, it will recognize the text and start translating.
Unfortunately, to use this feature, you need to choose the two languages first. From which language to which language, which means that photo translation is only support translating one language at a time and you need to know first which language is that you want Google to translate it for you.
Perhaps this feature can be improved in the future to auto-detect the language from the photo.

The third new feature is the most amazing one. Direct Voice Translation. Same as the second new feature, to use this feature, you need to preselect both languages before translation begin. Without choosing the languages, this feature can't be used.
Once you select the languages, from and to, all you need to do is press the mic button. If let say you are translating from Chinese to English, there will be 3 buttons in the UI. Speak Chinese button, Speak English button and Mic button.
If you are not sure who is going to talk first, push the Mic button, the app will then detect whether the spoken language is Chinese or English.
Once you finished one statement, the app will then translate to you in an instant (depending on your network connection- of course).
This feature is really useful when you are traveling to countries in which you don't really understand the language and you need to ask for direction.
This feature is also really useful if you have new business partner that don't really speak your language.
What about you? How do you think this new features from Google can help you?

Current version varies between devices, however the app requires Android 2.1 (Eclair) and up.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

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