Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[FREE ANDROID GAME] OK K.O!! Lakewood Plaza Turbo - Side Scrolling Beat 'Em Up Action Game - Fun, Entertaining and Bring Back Memories

Today FREE Android Game of the day is OK K.O!! Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

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What is this game about?
OK K.O. is a side scrolling beat 'em up game by Cartoon Network. A genre that rarely exist today unlike it was when Sega Genesis or SNES time.

The Story
K.O. and friends are in the forest when robots attacker coming. K.O. and friends manage to sweep them out.

Then they are back to Lakewood Plaza, when they receive some hero drinks. After all the Lakewood residents - except K.O. and Mr Gar - drink the hero drink, suddenly they become evil.

Knowing the hard situation, Mr Gar explode the whole Lakewood plaza including the residents which in result all the residents thrown away into all other places.

Gameplay and Objective
Enough with the story, now the objectives are to retrieve back the missing Lakewood residents while turning them back from evil to normal. And to do that K.O. will go from one place to another, to save them by receiving quest from Mr Gar.

Like other side scrolling game,  game will start from far left then continue to move to the right.
Fight any robots coming to your way.

The Control
Your phone/tablet screen is divided into 2 sections: left section and right section.
Swipe up, down, left, right on the left section to control the character up, down, left and right.

Tap on the right section to perform punch.

Swipe left or right on the right section to perform sliding kick.

The Verdict
With side scrolling beat 'em up type of game so rare these days, OK K.O. is fun, entertaining as well as bring back memories to the Sega genesis and SNES era. All you need to do is punch, kick and finished all the robots.

>> Current Version 1.0
>> Price FREE
>> Internet Connection required Yes but not mandatory
>> Requires Android 4.0 (ICS) or later.
>> Support Android 5.0 (Lollipop) & Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

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