Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[FREE ANDROID APP] Go-Jek: Indonesia's Version of Uber & (One of) Solution for Jakarta Heavy Traffic Jam

Today FREE APP is Go-Jek.

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Last week I was on holiday to Jakarta - the capital city of Indonesia. For those who wondering why I didn't write anything on my blog these past few days, that's because I was on holiday.
As you may probably knew already, Jakarta is one of the city in the world with worst traffic jam, so even to reach point A to point B with distance of 10KM, if you happen to stuck at the traffic jam, it can take an hour or even more!

That's where I found Go-Jek, Indonesia's version of Uber, - however instead of car they use motorcycle - to be very helpful. For those who don't know also, ojek is Indonesia native language for motorcycle taxi.
Even though Uber itself exists in the Indonesia capital city, but due to the heavy traffic jam, taking uber with you will get you nowhere but stuck. Go-Jek since they are using motorcycle to move around, so they can quite easily get pass through the traffic jam.

The fee is also considerably cheap. Moreover, they are now - as of August 2015, having promotion, where if you traveling around the Jakarta city, the cost to get you around is just IDR 15,000 (~US$1.2) for every 25KMs. For other cities, the promotional cost is IDR 10,000 (US$0.9) for every 25KMs. Awesome!

The app is pretty much the same as Uber app - if you ever used Uber before - select point to pick you up, then select your destination. You can even pay the driver with cash in case you don't have any credits with you and the app is in English - great for you who can't speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Go-Jek provides more services compared to Uber. Go-Jek has courier delivery services to deliver goods from one point to another point, food delivery services to deliver your lunch to your home/office, and shopping services where they will shop for you and deliver the goodies to you and pay after you receive the goodies. Fantastic!

One drawback is that Jakarta is super hot and dusty during the dry season. So if you can't really stand out in the hot sunny day then Go-Jek is not for you. Another drawback is that you can't really use Go-Jek when the rain season is coming, unless you are okay to get wet.

Just like Uber, Go-Jek is also giving away credits to those share about Go-Jek. They give IDR 50,000 (US$4) for both the one sharing the code and the one use the share code - FYI, IDR 50,000 is more than enough for traveling the whole Jakarta in 1 day as IDR 15,000 is equal to 25KMs. Therefore, I would like to give my code here, so both of us can get IDR 50,000 to be used for Go-Jek whenever I or you visit Jakarta. Here is my referral code: 544 256 711. No forcing whatsoever, input the referral code only if you like to.

This app does not offers in-app purchases. However you need credits to pay for the services.
This app needs internet access and your location services to be turned on.

Current version 1.0.54 requires Android 4.0 (ICS) and up.

Here is the Google Play Store download link:

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