Wednesday, February 25, 2015

[FREE GAME] [Android] Sudoku 4ever Plus [Amazon]

Today FREE GAME is Sudoku 4ever Plus

This GAME, usual price at $,1.99 is now FREE on Amazon App Store as of 25th Feb 2015 GMT+8 and will be FREE for today only until about 1.00 pm GMT+8, so make sure to download it while it's FREE.

To install Amazon App Store on your Android device, follow these steps:

Do you like some brain challenge? Sudoku 4ever Plus is a great game for your brain challenge.

Play sudoku either in landscape or portrait.
With 8 level of difficulties from easy to nightmare, you will be offered unlimited number of puzzles to be solved.

Support touch screen, keyboard and even trackball.

While playing, the game has the following features to help you solving all the sudoku puzzles:
- Pencil marks: put the number candidates for the cell
- Undo and redo: in case you put the wrong number in the wrong cell
- Coloring mode: help you to color code the cells
- Pause mode: in case you need to have a break. timer will stop, all numbers will turn to ?
- Auto save: either you pause or leave the play screen, your game will automatically saved.
- Bookmark: allows you to bookmark the current state, and later on get back to the state at the time of the bookmark is created, allows you to explore different solving path
- and many more

Don't miss to download the app while it's FREE!

Current version 2.0 requires Android 2.3 (GingerBread) and up.

Here is the Amazon App Store download link:

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